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Teddy bear clothes 'Love ladybird gift outfit, fits most Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear and many more teddies of a similar shape and size.

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Teddy Bear Clothes - Red Jacket Outfit

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Teddy bear clothes red jacket outfit with grey trousers outfit a compatible fit for Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear and many more teddy's of a similar shape and size.

Blue raincoat with matching boots and hat. Both the coat and boots are reversible to the blue print. Fits Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear plus many more similar shape size bears.

The set includes a cute pink bow pyjamas set and a cozy fleece pink dressing gown or robe, as well as a pair of slippers to complete the look. Your teddy bear will be stylish and comfortable in these high-quality clothes.

Teddy bear clothes red bug pyjamas with slippers a compatible fit for most Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear and many more teddies of a similar shape and size.

Teddy bear clothes motor bike style jacket and trouser, red and black biker outfit with crash helmet. A compatible fit for Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear and many more teddy's of a similar shape and size.

Teddy Bear Clothes Ultimate Gift Set - Outfit, Bag, Tent and Sleeping Bag this is a compatible fit for Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear and many more teddies of a similar shape and size.

This all-in-one fleece outfit features an adorable panda design, perfect for your little one's cuddly companion. With its footed sleeper style, this outfit ensures that your teddy bear stays cozy and warm during nap time or playtime.

Teddy bear clothes purple dress outfit compatible with and fitting most Build a Bear, Argos Design A Bear, Bear Factory Bears and any other loved teddies of approx. 38-40 cm (15 to 16 inch).

Teddy Bear Boy Clothes

Teddy bear clothes for boy bears our large assortment of teddy clothes, costumes and outfits are perfect for growing your teddy bears clothing range.

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Teddy Bear Girl Clothes

Teddy bear clothes for girl your best friend always has the right outfit for every occasion. From £2.99

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Teddy Bear Accessories

Browse our collection of teddy bear shoes and accessories to complete an amazing wardrobe - From £1.99

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Teddy Bear Clothes By Occasions

Teddy bear clothing designed to bring happiness to boys and girls on Birthdays, at Christmas or any occasion

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Sale Teddy Bear Clothes

Sale teddy bear clothes, clearance teddy clothing, end of line items to growing your teddy bears clothing range for less. From £2.99.

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Teddy Bear Clothes All Products

Teddy bear clothes fitting Build a Bear And Design A Bear. Our outfits will fit your much loved bears of 38-40 cm

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Build Your Bears' Wardrobe

Probably the largest range of teddy bear clothes you have seen!

Teddy Bear Clothes

Hey there teddy bear lovers! Are you looking for some stylish new clothes for your furry friend? Look no further than our Teddy Bear Clothes collection! Our clothes are designed to fit most Build a Bear, Argos Design a Bear, Bear Factory, and other beloved teddy bear brands. With a size of approximately 38-40 cm (15-16 inches), our clothes are the perfect fit for your cuddly companion. And the best part? You can shop our online bear clothing from the comfort of your own home! So why wait? Give your teddy bear a wardrobe upgrade today with our Teddy Bear Clothes collection.


Teddy bear clothes are great for children to engage in role-playing and to play family roles. A teddy is a wonderful toy for children to improve their imagination, creativity and communication. It also encourages imaginative role play and storytelling and helps children increase additional creativity to create more imaginative play. Whether you are looking for boys or girls teddy bear clothes we have a choice of both. Each outfit comes with a different theme. Pretend play toys help children interact with other children, they enable girls and boys to play and share together. There are so many great outfits, pyjamas, robes with slippers, dresses, jackets, coats, accessories, and shoes to choose from.

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